Preparing Your Car For Shipment

You are required to prepare your vehicle in advance before shipping. The following is a guide on the various items you will need to take care of: Have your car serviced prior to the shipping date. This should include the air conditioning and heating system in case you are relocating to another climate. There should …

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Nova Scotia’s Gaelic College Performances

Fiddlers, Pipers, Singers, Poets and Celtic Dancers in Concert On Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island, the cultural heritage of early Scottish settlers continues to be preserved through the educational programs at the local Gaelic College located near the town of Baddeck. For visitors to the area who often come to drive the Cabot Trail, experiencing …

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Two Sources for Nova Scotia Ancestors

Lineages for American Loyalist and Scottish Immigrants   Yarmouth Nova Scotia Genealogies, by George S. Brown, and Nova Scotia Immigrants to 1867, by Leonard Smith Jr. and Norma H. Smith, are two prime sources for tracking ancestors in or from Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia’s earliest immigrants included Loyalists from America’s Thirteen Colonies and families from …

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Internet Marketing

Developing An Internet Marketing Campaign: Research

Building an internet marketing campaign for a startup is about targeting the right customer. To do that it takes research conducted by a credible marketing agency.  The first part of creating an internet marketing campaign is research-based. To be successful at marketing a product is to first understand what that market is and where the …

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Age Related Macular Degeneration: A Chronic Eye Disease

A chronic eye disease that occurs as you age is called macular degeneration, which is often called age related macular degeneration or ARMD. Your central vision is controlled by the retina which is located on the back side of your eyeball. The macula is a layer of tissue that is part of the retina and …

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Nova Scotia’s Expanding Wine Industry

Although grape growing in Nova Scotia can be traced back to 1611, eight years after the first known vineyard graced American shores, Nova Scotia’s commercial wine industry had its beginnings with the Domaine de Grand Pré winery, opened in 1978 by Roger Dial, managing director of California’s Davis Bynum Winery. While Ontario was still struggling …

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