Preparing Your Car For Shipment

You are required to prepare your vehicle in advance before shipping. The following is a guide on the various items you will need to take care of:

  • Have your car serviced prior to the shipping date. This should include the air conditioning and heating system in case you are relocating to another climate. There should be no fluid leaks and the car should be operable. There will be an extra charge if the company accepts an inoperable vehicle.
  • Clean your car in order that a proper physical inspection can be thoroughly conducted on shipping day.
  • Remove all personal items from your car. It is illegal for any shipping company to accept a car with personal items inside. They are not liable for these items and may refuse to accept your vehicle.
  • It is illegal to have any hazardous items inside the car.
  • Remove the car cover, spare tire covers, roof racks and any other non-permanent items. The spare tire and the jack can be kept inside the car.
  • Remove or fully retract the antenna.
  • Disable the car’s alarm system to keep it from being activated during transit and draining the battery.
  • The car should have less than half a tank of gas on the day of shipping.
  • Have a complete set of keys available to hand over.
  • Be present for the inspection which is performed prior to shipping. You will be required to sign the bill of lading and a vehicle condition report at the point of origin and also at the final destination.
  • Hire a moving company you can trust, like US Border Movers.