Two Sources for Nova Scotia Ancestors

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Lineages for American Loyalist and Scottish Immigrants


Yarmouth Nova Scotia Genealogies, by George S. Brown, and Nova Scotia Immigrants to 1867, by Leonard Smith Jr. and Norma H. Smith, are two prime sources for tracking ancestors in or from Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia’s earliest immigrants included Loyalists from America’s Thirteen Colonies and families from Scotland. Here are two sources for locating them.

Two Sources for Nova Scotia Ancestors

Yarmouth Newspaper Genealogy Columns Name 60,000 Immigrants

George Brown’s newspaper columns, published between 1896 and 1910 in the Yarmouth (Nova Scotia) Herald, dwelt almost exclusively on New England families who migrated to Nova Scotia around the time of the Revolutionary War. Many, of course, were Loyalists who supported England in that war and were pressured to leave the American colonies.

MayflowerAn interesting aside is that many of these families descended from the Mayflower pilgrims. Brown traced these families from their earliest known origins across the Atlantic to the end of the 19th century. In effect, these collected columns published in book form in 1993 are a virtual encyclopedia of Nova Scotia families.

Who’s Who of Nova Scotia Families

The list of families covered reads like a Who’s Who of Nova Scotia families, many with descendants who not only returned to the United States, but also spread across English-speaking Canada.

Brown’s 186 articles were put together as a collection by Martha and Bill Reamy, who copied them verbatim and indexed them. The articles give a wide variety of genealogical data for 60,000 individuals. The resulting 956-page book was issued in 1993 by the Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD, and can be purchased from online booksellers.

Nova Scotia Immigrants

There are very few published resources on Nova Scotia immigrants prior to Canadian confederation in 1867. To help rectify this situation, Col. Leonard H. Smith, a certified genealogist, and Norma H. Smith, decided to pull scattered resources together. During the decade they devoted to this project, they constructed a vast index to Nova Scotia families.

Data was gathered from a wide range of sources in the archives of Nova Scotia as well as Fredericton, Ottawa, and other locations.

Listed by Family

This vast collection of material has been marshalled into alphabetical form by family surname and relevant information such as  trade or occupation, hometown, age, relatives, immediate family members, arrival date, affiliation, and vessel were included in each entry. The result is a 560-page book published in 1992 by the Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD. Copies are usually available from online booksellers.